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blu Gruppe has realized an efficient business model that facilitates first-class services, high employee motivation and an excellent cost structure. An ongoing intensive communication and cooperation with our subsidiaries is highly emphasized. The services of blu Gruppe focus on IT consulting and solutions for corporate functions within large companies and corporations, mainly in the fields of Finance, Automotive, Healthcare, Telco and IT.

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IT Infrastructure & Security

Modern IT infrastructures and security solutions have been a valuable commodity for some time. Nowadays, performance and efficiency needs to be enhanced through effective concepts and a high and reliable level of automation.

IT infrastructure and security solutions from one provider

We can plan and operate your IT infrastructure and security from scratch using modern concepts and highly automated approaches.

The choice of systems already paves the way for efficient and custom-made solutions. Experienced consultants provide the necessary support to reliably develop and implement solutions.

Efficient and secure systems are created using professional project planning and experienced project management.

Structured best practice processes and individual consulting ensure that both your IT organisation and your IT service are aligned with the requirements of your business processes.

IT infrastructure and security tap the potential of your IT solutions for:


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Florian Forster

Solution Manager IT Infrastructure & Security